Membership agreement

OGC Studio hereby agree to provide the use of its platform to stakeholders’ (members’, non-members’, and third party entities’) to communicate in the sharing and collaboration of musical productions. All parties and stakeholders hereby acknowledge that the services description of the platform is limited to the functionality of internet services connection, and devices used by individual users. Hence, equipment recommendations are made for the most optimal outcome. Nevertheless, other interferences, known or unknown may limit the quality of the services. Membership is an acknowledgement for OGC Studio to provide the said services, and an agreement to a monthly fee for such services. Members agree to the expectation of ethical behavior not limited to original posting, and abstaining copying or plagiarism. Ethics also extends to the violation of individual’s privacy, excessive vulgarity that may reasonably be considered harmful. All users including non-members use of the site must be in agreement with the outlined ethical behavior including originality, and content sharing.

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