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How to Start a Virtual Jam Session in USA

Image: How to Start a Virtual Jam Session in USA

How would you like to play music with some of your favorite performers without even being in the same room? It's not just for amateurs anymore. The Virtual Jam Session is an innovative new concept that will allow professional musicians and artists alike to continue their careers while staying safe from infection.

Moreover, the advantage of virtual jam sessions is that you can collaborate with musicians anywhere in the world. You can also share your music more efficiently than ever before, and get feedback on what other people think about it.

Are you excited to dive into how to make your virtual jam session? Here we go:

Step 1: Prepare for your guide track.

You've got your virtual session all set up, and you're ready to start. But first, you need to create a guide track! This is the audio recording that musicians will hear as they record their parts in order to stay on tempo or follow the conductor's beat.

Step 2: Collect the videos.

Want to jam with your favorite musicians? Join the virtual jam session. By setting up a Google Drive or Dropbox folder where you can store all of their videos and then play them back in order at any time, without having to ask for permission each time! Just name the video files using names and parts, so it's easy to find them later. This is a great way to hear all sorts of different styles worldwide - just choose what sounds good this week and start playing!

Step 3: Make edits to your audio.

Every successful song starts and ends in the studio. In-depth audio editing is what makes a professional sounding track. Use GarageBand or Audacity to edit and mix the audio files you've created of yourself playing an instrument, singing vocals, or even just talking! You can also use Ableton Live ($100 and up), Pro Tools X ($200), Logic Studio($200) for more complex needs.

Step 4: Make edits to your video.

You can edit your video with various software, like Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro, and audio track to create a virtual jam session. You will need at least two videos for this effect, so you'll want them side by side in your timeline. Mute the one that's not playing the music; then, import the song of your choice into both clips and set it as an overlay on each clip. Now make sure they start together and end when they're supposed to—watch out for those ends! When finished export as usual - now you have a professional-looking jam session ready for upload.

Thanks to the power of technology, you can collaborate with musicians worldwide and share your music more efficiently than ever before. The above contents cover some of the best ways virtual jam sessions change how we create and consume music in 2021. If you want a better understanding of what virtual jams mean for musicians, we hope this blog helps!

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