Thursday, August 25, 2022

What to Know If I Want to Become a Songwriter!

Image: What to Know If I Want to Become a Songwriter!

Writing music is an art that maybe considered an inborn gift/talent, or a developed ability. It may also be portrayed requiring a high level of academic literacy. However, there are tons of established songwriters and musicians in general who dropped out of school. While some of these cases are voluntary and others circumstantial, there are cases where the individuals simply could not cope.

The intent of the above introduction is to let readers who are academically challenged comparatively to others such as peers know that they have what it takes! With that said, the focus of this blog is to answer the question, how can I become a songwriter if I am not good academically? If you are naturally gifted to write songs it becomes like second nature. We recognize this in people who excel in songwriting very early in their lives. 

Someone who does not necessarily has an inborn songwriting gift; he or she must develop the ability. The first thing needed is a passion for songwriting. Developing your songwriting skills takes practice. From the passion to be a songwriter one must have a dream. One good way to do this is through the 
aspiration of becoming like someone who has reached a point that you would like to be like. In other words, find a role model. This maybe someone you do not know personally.

To be a good songwriter takes a lot of practice. This means you need to look at songs written by your role model. A good songwriter tries to identify his or her audience, and also tries to tell them a story. In the becoming a good songwriter you must develop "thick-skin": you must learn to take no's, failures, rejections, and harsh constructive criticisms.

To handle no's, failures, rejections, and harsh construtcive criticisms try to find someone who became successful at what he or she pursued after such experienced. Another key ingerdient in becoming a good songwriter is to find a good support system. Sometimes this may come from a stranger. Becoming a good songwriter requires improving knowledge. Try to develop your musical ear, skills, and knowledge. What this means is that a good songwriter must have a sense of what his or her song will sound llike. 
A good way to achieve this is by attempting to learn to play an instrument. A good songwriter visualize the end product of his or her product and sometimes may write with specific style of singers in mind. Finally, with improving ability music class would help a lot; it will not be as toxic as the general academics!

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