Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Singers and Writers Collaboration!

Image: Singers and Writers Collaboration!

Singers and Writers Collaboration!                  

How do singers and writers collaborate online?
This starts with the need for a music partner or a musical team member. This brings up an importnat point, team-work. The good news in the quest is that each person fills avoid that the other person needs. It's like any other job relationship, the employer needs you, and you need the job. Let's consider it a 50/50 deal. However, there is a stage in some people's life that must be acknowledged before they can get the help they need. In this case each party must
acknowledge their individual lacking.

Where to go and what to look for when trying to find a person to collaborate in singning  and 
writing a song?
I guess that is an easy answer, the Internet. So, you could type the exact thing in a Google search, "singers and writers collaboration". You will find tons of websites that offers something to that effect. This is like going into a huge store and seeing so many of the products that you are looking for. You can eventually get tired of looking to the point where you leave the store without purchasing. A good suggestion her is to select from the sites that concentrates on just that service or maybe two services. These are considered specialist sites. For example: is a company that focuses on this very topic.

What to look for and consider when deciding on a singer/songwriter team membership.
Again, just like work employment relationship, get to know each other on a professional basis. Ther may be culture differences, and the need for personality adaptation, or in other words, emotional and social intelligence. Since each other would by now knows what the meeting is about, get to the point and swap demos of each other's performances. Never share an original that is not copyrighted. Ifthere is a team match, try to learn time differences and work out a 
rehearsal schedule. The good news is that this can be done on Even better news, offers the service where the song could be remotely at a scheduled time with a brick and mortar studio engineering the mixing of the final product! 

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