Friday, May 27, 2022

How to Find People Online to Record a Song?

Image: How to Find People Online to Record a Song?

Do you have a bright idea for a new song, but you can’t sing very well? Or do you have a star-quality singing voice but fall short on your lyric-writing skills? Good music results from a collaboration of complementing talents so if you relate to these two scenarios, it’s time to find someone to record a song with.

Your local options, however, may be very limited so if you want to find the best musical partner to work with, you should search for them online to widen your choices.

Here’s how you can find people online to record a song:

1. Put up a “searching for” post on social media.

Wouldn’t it be great to record a song with an acquaintance or someone you already know?
Post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social profile accounts about needing a musically passionate individual to write a song with you. This method, however, limits your available options only to people who follow you on social media.

2. Search for people to collaborate with within your online communities.

If you are a member of online music communities, you can also post “searching for a singer, writer, or band to create music with” there. You will have better options there as people outside your area can see your post, given that they are in the same group as you, so you can find people to collaborate with faster. The challenge here though is how you are going to record music together when you are miles away.

3. Find mutuals at OGC Studio.

OGC Studio is where you can find people to make a song with and record live online—everything you could ask for when recording a song online. At OGC Studio, you can search for artists, songs, and lyrics conveniently so you can quickly match with talented musicians who might possess what you’re looking for. Here, you can practice live virtually with your partner or band until you perfect the song you are creating. When you’re ready to record, you can do so in real-time at an actual brick-and-mortar studio just like in person.

Finding talented and passionate musicians on the internet can be time-consuming and risky but at OGC Studio, you can pursue your music goals virtually as we connect you to like-minded artists from across the globe within a few clicks.
Find artists, songs, and lyrics, practice together virtually in real-time, and record your masterpiece live at a physical music studio. 

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