How it Works

Find Artists & Search Music/Lyrics Library

Create a song or find collaborators to help you with your music project! Have an album in mind? Find talented musicians on OGC Studio and make it come to life!

Play Together Live

With OGC Studio's platform, you can play live in real-time with your collaborators! This means you can practice together and work to create the best track!

Book Studio Time With a Brick & Mortar Studio Virtually

That's right! You can book a professional recording studio right from OGC Studio's platform and record live with your artist team with professional mixer remotely just as if you were there in person!

Record Music Virtually from Anywhere With a Brick & Mortar Studio Live

With OGC Studio you are able to collaborate live with other artists around the globe and record live at a real brick and mortar studio just like in person.

No Time Constraint

You can record live with other artists live with a brick and mortar studio!


Anywhere, everywhere is your recording studio.