Thursday, July 07, 2022

How to Make Your Virtual Jam Session?

Image: How to Make Your Virtual Jam Session?

In this day and age, technology has brought people all over the world closer together despite the distance. It also made social interactions possible, convenient, and fun even when isolating inside the home during a global pandemic.

Now, collaborating to create works of art like music even from different parts of the world has been made possible and convenient through the revolutionary technology of virtual jam sessions. You can create amazing music together with other artists and practice and record together live, as if you are all in the same studio. Here's how:

1. Sign up with OGC studios. Create an account with your name, e-mail address, and register as a musician. If you have a studio, you can also register it if you want artists around the area to utilize your music studio.

2. Search for music and artists. If you want to create a song or have a song or album in mind, you can search our roster of talented musicians who can collaborate with you to create the perfect music together.

3. Practice. Meet and practice with your team virtually. You and your collaborators can play together live through the OGC studio platform.

4. Book studio-time. Choose from the professional recording studios in your area from the OGC Studio platform to record live with your team of collaborators. Use a professional mixer remotely as if you and your team are there together in person.

You don’t have to be in the same room as your musicians when creating music anymore. With OGC Studio, you can record and perform with a talented team virtually. Start making virtual jam sessions even in the midst of a pandemic and the travel restrictions it poses, in the safety of your own home or a private professional music studio, join OGC Studio now to start making beautiful music together.

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